Ancestral Name: Where Did Your Ancestors Come From?

Discover the history and tradition of your family name completely FREE: Just visit Frank in the entrance to the hotel between 9am and 4pm!

A turbulent history has shaped Scotland and its people down through the ages but no matter where they have settled in the world, Scots and their descendants have a fierce pride in their nationhood. Clan names live on - preserving culture, heritage and a sense of family, and forging strong associations between individuals and the land of their roots.

Did you ever wonder about the origins of your name? When you visit our AncestralName stand, our skilled and knowledgeable researcher will search for a record of your family name - and explain the results to you - the information gained is always interesting and often fascinating! 

AncestralName have also created a unique range of gifts testifying to the origins of family names. Whether you are researching your own family history or you are looking for a special gift for someone we are sure that a visit to our premises will be rewarding and informative.

You can receive a history of your family name printed on A3 parchment for just:

- £39.95 Framed

- £22.00 Rolled into a tube